The Nurtury®

Celebrating 45 years Of Nurturing

A Child Development School and Child Care Program
Children ages 18 months through 5th Grade

Medina Ohio - Preschool - Private Kindergarten - Before School Child Care, After School Child Care, All-Day Care - Summer Day Camps

Our Credentials

Our Dual Licensing - In addition to holding a typical license from the Department of Jobs and Family Services, we are recognized as a "chartered non-public school" by the Ohio Department of Education. This ensures that we have met educational standards as well as health and safety standards.

A Program for Medina's Children - Our programs are designed to meet the needs of Medina children by our own teachers. We are not a branch or franchise; tuitions paid by parents go directly back into current programming.

The NurturyŽ is a model for quality in our profession - Such quality attracts the best professional staff and appeals to parents who desire the best for their children.

The Nurtury Exceeds the State standards:

The NurturyŽ standard

ODJFS Standards

Director qualifications Masters: Early Childhood Education
30 years experience
2 year degree
Teacher qualifications

Professional Development Training

Degreed Lead Teachers; minimal turnover - annual contracts

SUTQ approved training annually

High school diploma only

6 hours

*Curriculum and Grouping A.M. during school year:grouped by age for learning program. "periods of quiet and active play"
*Teacher/Child Ratio 18-36 mos group size-12 (1:6)

3-5 yr group-20 (1:10)

18-36 mos group size- 14 (1:7)

3 yr group size- 24 (1:12)
4-5 yr group size- 28 (1:14)

Release/Entry Security System Entry to building requires digital door code; Family color code to release child. none established
Air quality/Contagion Control
Air filters that help eliminate contagious elements.

Electric heat - no chance of carbon monoxide fumes.

Building professionally cleaned/disinfected every night

none established

Communicable Disease &
1st Aid Training &
CPR Training

Every teacher
(renewed every 3 years)

1 person on premises
(renewed every 3 years)
Sq.Ft. / child indoors

Sq.Ft. / child outdoors

53 sq.ft./child

130 - 310 sq.ft/child (fenced)

35 sq.ft./child

65 sq. ft./child (fenced)

              * Applies to Full Day Preschool Enrichment Programs.

Phone - (330) 723-1800                 Email -

The Nurtury - 250 North Spring Grove - Medina, Ohio 44256