The Nurtury®

Celebrating 45 years Of Nurturing

A Child Development School and Child Care Program
Children ages 18 months through 5th Grade

Medina Ohio - Preschool - Private Kindergarten - Before School Child Care, After School Child Care, All-Day Care - Summer Day Camps

Resources at the Nurtury

The Nurtury chooses to partner with various community agencies such as Akron Child Guidance and Family Solutions, Ohio Dept of Health, Medina County Dept of Health, and Early Child Resource Center. These partnerships enable us to offer our families the support and resources that help children thrive. The programs include Toddlers and Preschoolers Succeeding (TAPS), Ohio Healthy Programs (OHP) and Strengthing Families.

Art, Music, Physical Education, Computer Learning - Research unequivocally directs preschools to incorporate these activities into the moment-by-moment curriculum rather than teaching them as "special classes." Our degreed teachers are trained in these subjects; they are included at the very core of the curriculum.

Memories - We cherish childhood. Consequently we equip families with "memory retrievers" that will last a lifetime. For example: photos of birthdays, Halloween, photo ornaments for Christmas trees, first-day pictures for full-day children; special books with pictures of friends; Mother's day handprints; dictated thoughts; permanent art treasures.

Mixed-age Grouping for Full-day Children - Full day children between the ages of 3 and 5 are in mixed-age "family groupings," except for their Development classes each morning during the school year. They do not leave their friends, siblings and teachers to change rooms on every birthday. Because we must meet the ratio for the youngest child in the group, this type of program is not cost-effective; but it is CHILD-effective, so we do it!

A University Resource The Nurtury hosts students from the University of Akron, Kent State, Cuyahoga Community College, Lorain County Community College and Medina Career Center as student teachers and participant/observers. One-way windows encourage observation by parents and other interested community adults.

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